What is the difference between Single user & Multi-user Tally ERP 9?

Using Tally has reduced half of the accounts work. Compared to manual account handling, Tally ERP 9 has various benefits. It comes up in 3 variants namely, single user, multi-user, and auditors edition.

Single user:

As the name indicates, the single user option in tally allows a single user to use a particular account. Though it can be installed in multiple systems, it can only be handled by one person. The LAN networks also in the case of single user Tally account. When the license resides on one machine, there are multiple data that access rights to only one remote user. On the other end, Tally has named single user edition as Silver edition.

Multiple users:

In the case of multiple, all the machines under the LAN network act simultaneously. It will also provide license and data access to remote areas too. It gives access to a minimum amount of around 10 remote users. Multiple users have been referred to as the Gold edition of Tally.

Regardless of the mentioned things, both single user and multiple users have the same features and responsibilities. Other than the mentioned facts, there are many inbound factors.

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